Calaveritas Jean Mexican Day of the Dead Rare Collectable Figurine

Calaveritas Jean Mexican Day Of The Dead Rare Collectable Figurine

Calaveritas Jean Mexican Day of the Dead Rare Collectable Figurine

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If you love all things spooky then Calaveritas are a great choice for you.

This is the Jean figurine and is

  • Rare and collectible
  • 11cm in height,
  • hand painted with a pink waistcoat and red bow tie,
  • made from resin
  • in a display box.

These collectible figurines showcase various traditions in the Mexican mythology making them the perfect choice for Halloween or as a gift for any gothic horror fan. 

Halloween is closely followed by the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated on November 1st in Mexico.This is a very popular day in Mexico and there are numerous traditions that are tied to this type of figurine, Some people  worship them, others want to frighten people, while there are some who purchase such a figurine to honor it or just want to mock it

The series includes characters such as the Pirate, Gothic, Vegas, Phantasm and Jaja the Clown and pays homage to music personalities and movie characters.

If you want to buy something that’s scary yet oozes tradition and popular culture, then these figurines are the perfect choice, so what are you waiting for?

Regular price £24.97 £19.97 20% OFF

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