Chillball Wine Coolers

Chillball Reusable Wine Coolers With Clips
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Chillballs are reusable and a non-diluting alternative to ice so won't change the flavour or strength of your drink

Key features

  • Perfect for cooling your drink
  • long lasting chill without diluting the wine
  • Stylish design
  • Easily clips securely to most traditional shape wine glasses 
  • Doesn't dilute or affect flavour. 
  • All parts are made from food safe materials
  • Non-toxic gel center
  • Dishwasher safe

Just place the Chillballs in the freezer on its coldest setting for up to 4 hours and then they are ready to use. They will keep chilling until the frozen gel inside the ball has thawed, more than enough time to keep your glass of wine chilled.

Select a single or triple pack.