Glow in the Dark Cyber Spider

Cyber Spider - Glow in The Dark - Light & Sound - Smashing Glass Noise -
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Throw the Cyber Spider against a smooth, shiny surface to activate its sound and watch it tumble. Kids will love this crazy creature!

To use the Cyber Spider pull out the tape to activate it and throw it gently (under arm) onto a smooth, shiny, verticle surface. Watch it tumble down as it makes a smashing glass sound. Works best on windows, mirrors, gloss painted doors, fridges, freezers, laminated cupboards and other smooth shiny vertical surfaces.

Keep its feet sticky by cleaning off dirt with sticky tape or wash with soapy water. When using this product avoid throwing it at paper, wallpaper and matt paint.

  • Light & Sound
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Makes Realistic Smashing Glass Noise
  • Tumbles Down Walls With Its Sticky Feet