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Disco Bulb Multi-Coloured Rotating LED Lightbulb

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Disco Bulb Multi-Coloured Rotating LED Lightbulb

Regular price £6.99

Disco Bulb Multi-Coloured Rotating LED Light bulb with an E27 Standard Screw Fitting.

With this Novelty multicolored LED Lightbulb, you can bring the Disco to your home or outdoor space. Hours of fun with your family.

The Disco Bulb rotates and projects multicoloured patterns onto walls,
ceilings, and the floor. Create that party feel wherever and whenever you want. 

Key features include

  • E27 Screw fitting
  • 3-watt low power consumption
  • 28 lumens output.
  • Bulb life 6000 hours

Great fun for all the family!

Perfect for the home partyor disco


Regular price £6.99

Estimated delivery time 1-3 days

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