Gorilla Harambe Halloween Face Mask

Face Mask - Gorilla Harambe Halloween Face Mask
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Dress up as everyone's favourite gorilla this Halloween and pull together for Harambe. Works well as part of an outfit or on its own.

Take the scare factor to the next level by changing your identity with a repulsively realistic face mask but beware they are not for the faint hearted & are guaranteed to strike terror into fearful victims.

Why work up an unnecessary sweat wearing a heavy, hot & sticky rubber latex mask or why spend hours applying face paints & make up when all you need to do with face mask is slip over your head & once you have scared the life out of your victim simply fold the face mask up & tuck back into your pocket ready to pull out & terrify again & again....

Face Masks are professional, high quality digitally printed fabric masks made from   soft breathable stretchy lightweight polyester Lycra.


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