Pokemon Stickers Series 1 Original RARE 1999 - Full Retail Display Box

Full retail display box of Pokemon Stickers Series 1 1999
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Pokemon Stickers Series 1 - Original 1999

Pokemon burst on to the global stage in1996 and has gripped our hearts ever since. Its reign shows no signs of ending soon if anything it's increasing. 

This full Retail Display Box of Generation 1 Pokemon Stickers by Artbox date back to 1999. They are Brand New, Original, Rare and have become sought after by collectors the world over.

  • Each display box contains 30 x sealed packs of Pokemon Stickers
  • The stickers in the packs are totally random and you may receive several of the same in each display box
  • Each sealed pack contains 10 x Pokemon Stickers including randomly inserted Gold & Prism foil stickers
  • There are 150 Pokemon Stickers to collect plus 45 Bonus Prism Stickers and18 Rare Gold Stickers
These stickers are ideal for Pokemon Collectors or resellers of Pokemon merchandise. Our stock is limited and cannot be replaced so get yours now before they are gone for good.