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3 Star Wars gifts for Star Wars fans

3 Star Wars gifts for Star Wars fans

Whether you know a Star Wars collector or child is a fan of the new movie, these products make perfect gifts.

Over the past two years, interest in Star Wars has rocketed (pun intended). The release of the new movie has gotten old fans excited and new, younger fans interested in the franchise. With the new movie last year came a whole new range of toys, gifts and collectables and we've got some in stock.

Soft Toys

Famous characters from the franchise have re-created in these adorable soft toys. Pick up a Chewbacca or Darth Vader plush toy for under £10. Chewie has always been cute, but we bet you didn't know the dark side could look so cuddly!

Darth Vader and Chewbacca Cuddly toy

Star Wars Keyrings

Need something a little smaller? Our cute and collectable 4-inch keyrings are great for Star Wars fans of all ages. The sturdy plastic clasp makes it safe for children, but practical enough to be used on your keys or bag.

Pick up an even smaller Darth Vader or Chewie in the keyring. Exclusively in the keyring, you can also get the small Jedi Master, Yoda. Can't decide which to get? Get a triple pack and save 16%. 

Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca soft toy collectable

Stackable Boxes

Maybe you've got enough Star Wars collectables. You've got so much, you don't know where to store it all. We have a solution. The Star Wars stackable boxes is perfect for young and old collectors.

Coming in two styles; retro (episodes 1-6) and Rogue One, you can keep your old and new collections separate. If you've got two collectors in the house (maybe one old and one young or two young collectors), these two styles will be a great way to stop the arguments about whose is whose. 


The cross-over of all cross-overs has arrived. Get this official Angry Birds Darth Vader t-shirt now.