Dinosaur King Trading Cards - Starter Deck and BoosterPack

Dinosaur King Trading Cards - Starter Deck and BoosterPack

Dinosaur King is the rare and retro trading card game and we're one of the last places to find it.

Sega brought us this fun game, originally a console game first exposed in JAMMA 2005 and later became available on Nintendo DS. An animated series was also released in 2008 called Ancient Ruler Dinosaur King DKidz Adventure along with a sequel, Ancient Ruler Dinosaur King DKidz Adventure: Pterosaur Legend.

Once again, the creativeness of the Japanese brought this fun animation and game to our TV’s, consoles and hands. Each card is unique including its basic information. The rare cards are becoming rarer and turning into collectors items. We're one of the last places to stock the cards, and at a great price! You can pick up a starter deck or booster pack from us and start or continue to build your collection today.

3 Star Wars gifts for Star Wars fans

3 Star Wars gifts for Star Wars fans

Whether you know a Star Wars collector or child is a fan of the new movie, these products make perfect gifts.

Over the past two years, interest in Star Wars has rocketed (pun intended). The release of the new movie has gotten old fans excited and new, younger fans interested in the franchise. With the new movie last year came a whole new range of toys, gifts and collectables and we've got some in stock.

Soft Toys

Famous characters from the franchise have re-created in these adorable soft toys. Pick up a Chewbacca or Darth Vader plush toy for under £10. Chewie has always been cute, but we bet you didn't know the dark side could look so cuddly!

Darth Vader and Chewbacca Cuddly toy

Star Wars Keyrings

Need something a little smaller? Our cute and collectable 4-inch keyrings are great for Star Wars fans of all ages. The sturdy plastic clasp makes it safe for children, but practical enough to be used on your keys or bag.

Pick up an even smaller Darth Vader or Chewie in the keyring. Exclusively in the keyring, you can also get the small Jedi Master, Yoda. Can't decide which to get? Get a triple pack and save 16%. 

Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca soft toy collectable

Stackable Boxes

Maybe you've got enough Star Wars collectables. You've got so much, you don't know where to store it all. We have a solution. The Star Wars stackable boxes is perfect for young and old collectors.

Coming in two styles; retro (episodes 1-6) and Rogue One, you can keep your old and new collections separate. If you've got two collectors in the house (maybe one old and one young or two young collectors), these two styles will be a great way to stop the arguments about whose is whose. 


The cross-over of all cross-overs has arrived. Get this official Angry Birds Darth Vader t-shirt now.

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Skylanders alarm clock your children won't mind waking up to

Skylanders alarm clock your children won't mind waking up to

If you've got kids, you'll have struggled with getting them up for school. The solution could be a Skylanders alarm clock.

It seems like children don't want to go to bed at night, but then find it hard to wake up for school in the morning. Until science has come up with a definitive way to stop this, we figured you might as well try all of your options. This option is the Skylanders alarm clock.

The alarm clock does everything you expect an alarm clock to do; tell the time and wake you up at a set time. So, why should your children use this alarm clock?

Alarm clocks and smartphones

What wakes your child up at the minute? For many children, they have smartphones or tablets that come with alarm clocks. Others rely on their parents. By using the Skylanders alarm clock instead of an alarm on a smartphone, it means that they don't need to have their smartphone in their bedroom with them. By moving their smartphones out of their bedroom, it could likely improve sleep quality and remove distractions.

About the clock

Skylanders is the popular 'toys-to-life' video game series. The game works by placing figures onto a 'power portal' that reads the figure and imports it into the game. Skylanders has been very popular amongst a younger audience, as well as attracting nostalgia with the addition of Spyro the Dragon to it's characters.

The metallic front of the clock includes the Skylanders' characters and an orange and blue colour scheme. The analogue clock is 17cm in height, 13cm wide and 7cm deep. Not a bad size for a child's bedside table.

If your child is a Skylanders fan, then this will make a great birthday or Christmas present (or a great back to school alarm clock!).

We laso have a range of other Skylanders products you will like.

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Win a Space Invaders Retro Stationary Set

Win a Space Invaders Retro Stationary Set

It's competition time! - Here is your chance to win one of three awesome Space Invaders Stationary sets including an A5 Wiro lined notebook and a pair of cool pens.

Clubit Space Invaders Giveaway
Are You Looking for Kids Party Bag Fillers?

Are You Looking for Kids Party Bag Fillers?

What’s that? You’re having a kid’s party?

Kid’s parties, the mess, the shouting and screaming in the ears, and so much more, but it’s all worth it, and seeing your child happy, and all the children playing and having fun makes it so worthwhile.

Fun music, delicious meals, cake, sweets and fruit drinks, party bags, a bouncy castle and maybe even a children’s entertainer / magician, but after buying the gifts, hiring the entertainer and the bouncy castle, purchasing all the food, cake and drinks, and also buying and spending on your regular living expenses, it really can put a hole in your pockets, and that’s when we at come in to help!

Not only are our gifts at an amazing low price, but our wholesale may just stitch that whole in your pocket back up, our party bag ideas will save you money, and depending on how many children would be invited to your child’s party, you may save a lot more money than you expect!

Party bag toys, collectables, stickers, fun snaps and big brands like Minecraft, Minions Despicable Me, Hello Kitty and many more, all at amazing wholesale prices.

Make lots of party bags without the need of spending lots of money, at Clubit we know the feeling, and so do many others, that’s why our party bag section is so popular!
You may wish to buy one or a number of products in bulk, either way, we’re here to help, so browse through the party bag filler page using the link below or contact us if you have any questions.
To check out our wholesale party bag page simply Click Here and save money now!

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Welcome to our new online store!

Welcome to !

Welcome to our new online store, the place to visit with a variety of different products, great user-friendly experience and quick efficient service you can rely on.

We pride ourselves in our customer’s satisfaction, positive word of mouth and overall experience in using as your online shop for a range of novelties, toys and gadgets like Minecraft collectables, Star wars products, Minions, Disney and much more.

Whether you’re shopping here for you, your child, brother or sister, we are sure you’ll find something you’ll love with a great price.

We sell products as singles for the gift buyers and collectors, however, we do also have a range of wholesale stock you may like if you are a business or start-up, for this, you would just click on our wholesale tab, browse through our wholesale products and make your order.

If you need support, or have any questions regarding products, shipping or anything else you can contact us here.


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