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Skylanders alarm clock your children won't mind waking up to

Skylanders alarm clock your children won't mind waking up to

If you've got kids, you'll have struggled with getting them up for school. The solution could be a Skylanders alarm clock.

It seems like children don't want to go to bed at night, but then find it hard to wake up for school in the morning. Until science has come up with a definitive way to stop this, we figured you might as well try all of your options. This option is the Skylanders alarm clock.

The alarm clock does everything you expect an alarm clock to do; tell the time and wake you up at a set time. So, why should your children use this alarm clock?

Alarm clocks and smartphones

What wakes your child up at the minute? For many children, they have smartphones or tablets that come with alarm clocks. Others rely on their parents. By using the Skylanders alarm clock instead of an alarm on a smartphone, it means that they don't need to have their smartphone in their bedroom with them. By moving their smartphones out of their bedroom, it could likely improve sleep quality and remove distractions.

About the clock

Skylanders is the popular 'toys-to-life' video game series. The game works by placing figures onto a 'power portal' that reads the figure and imports it into the game. Skylanders has been very popular amongst a younger audience, as well as attracting nostalgia with the addition of Spyro the Dragon to it's characters.

The metallic front of the clock includes the Skylanders' characters and an orange and blue colour scheme. The analogue clock is 17cm in height, 13cm wide and 7cm deep. Not a bad size for a child's bedside table.

If your child is a Skylanders fan, then this will make a great birthday or Christmas present (or a great back to school alarm clock!).

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